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Chairperson’s Message

Mrs. Leela Devi Ramani

Imparting education is a rewarding but, challenging feat. To facilitate smooth and effective education is a difficult job. Imparting technological and management education of global standard with holistic development of students is a humongous task. We have attempted to promote an open, honest & participatory administration to work towards decentralization authority by empowering our departments, faculty & staff members so that decisions can be made by those closest to the point of focus.i.e students.

Our endeavor is to create an environment, where faculty and staff are encouraged to continue to develop as professionals. Administrators in the college would provide leadership at multi levels of education, both inside the college and outside in alignment with our industry linkage. We would adopt diversity and global perspective to equip our students to cope with fierce competetion and forge ahead on an evolutionary path ensuring sustainable succcess.