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Computer Science Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Trinity provides cutting edge teaching and imparts state of the art education. The Department offers an engineering undergraduate program that adequately prepare students for pursuing a professional career immediately after graduation or to continue with further studies. The BE Program also enhances freedom of choice by offering a large number and variety of elective courses. Technological courses are introduced from the first semester itself as the students have the background to specialize and delve deeper into specific sub-areas of knowledge in computer technology. Elective courses constitute the bulk of the curriculum in the third and fourth years of study. A special feature of the Program consists of any two of the three internships of four to eight weeks during the winter/summer vacation.

The curriculum recognizes following possible tracks for the students namely:

  • Software Development.
  • Distributed Systems.
  • Computer Systems.
  • Communication Systems.
  • Communication Engineering.
  • Network Security & Database System.
  • Data Structures
  • Design & Analysis of Algorithms.
  • Data Mining & Warehousing.
  • Distributed & Parallel Computing.
  • Mobile & Wireless Computing.
  • Real Time Systems.
  • Cryptography.
  • Genetic Algorithm.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • System Programming.
  • Computer Networks.

Computer Science /Information Technology Lab

CSE Lab is equipped with 1 mbps switched network. All systems (servers & clients) are equipped with 10/100 mbps Ethernet cards. DLINK Catalyst 3024-DWS series switch is acts as back bone switch. It is a tree topology network. Through one Tech root 1700 series router this lab is connected to rest of IITK fiber backbone and Internet.

    • Ten wireless access points (54 Mbps) are placed in the building to serve wireless needs. 24 hours internet facility is available to the users.
    • The CSE Lab provides NFS, SMTP mail, DNS, DHCP, NIS (YP), Mysql database server, Tomcat servlet runner, FTP server, Intranet website, Internet website, NTP services. One Linux Based Pentium III system provides DNS, NIS, DHCP & NTP services. Another server having similar hardware & O.S. is a backup server for this system.
    • One dual Xeon server provides SMTP mail service. This server also provides IMAP/s & POP2/3/s services. Another system having similar hardware & software configuration is acting as backup server for this mail server.
    • 12 hours Mail box backup is also available.
    • One Xeon (IBM server) provide NFS service for all CSE Lab users.
    • Intranet website, anonymous FTP server, MySQL server services are running on a server-2003 dual core machines.
    • Internet website & personal home pages are hosted on Linux (Fedora) based xeon server.
    • Scanning & CD Writing facility is also available in the CSE-Lab.
    • Most of the CSE-Lab clients are dual boot systems. These systems are using DHCP for fixed IP allocation. Currently, clients are running Windows 2003 with SP4.
    • CSE-Lab is fully air conditioned & UPS protected for server (3Kva) with 5 hours back up.
    • Monthly backup available for last three months .
    The Department of Computer Science & Engineering offers a curriculum that is updated and inline with the changing trends of software industry.

HOD Message

Mrs. Urmila Mahor (Ph.D*,M.Tech.,MCA)

It gives me pleasure to welcome you in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at Trinity Institute of Technology & Research, Bhopal of Madhya Pradesh state. Computer Science and Engineering is the most prominent branch in today digital world. The department of CSE started with an intake of 60 students. The role of CSE covers a wide spectrum of life like- communication, management science, health science, robotics etc. A computer science engineer must have a skill to solve the daily life problem with the help of computers.

To achieve this objective we, at Computer Science department, offers high quality education along with various training program to the students in the computer field. We emphasis on all the important aspect of computer science such as- Advance Database, Web Technology, Software Engineering, Computer Network, Theory of Computation, Operating System and many more. Our state of art laboratories facilitate the students to undergo operating system lab, database lab, networking lab, computer graphic lab etc with project implementation. Our department has a team of qualified and experienced faculty and staff members. The core value of the department help the students to develop their overall personality and make them self confident to work in industry. We also encourage them for higher studies and research.

The department of computer science and engineering has a vision to become a centre of excellence in the field of computer science. All our faculties and students are dedicated to achieve this goal with full enthusiasm & good ethical values.

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Scheme & Syllabus

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