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Dr. Ilyas Khan



Trinity is striving to become one of the best Engineering Colleges that imparts quality education and innovative research in central India. The institute was incepted in the year 2008, with a clear mission to produce skillful technocrats who are also disciplined in approach and conduct. I have joined this institute with one objective i.e to ensure Trinity produces more of job providers that job seekers and make the best possible career for each Trinitian, with the help of qualified teachers and a willing management. I want to have the informative sessions, organized research schedules, resourceful course delivery mechanism to give holistic development for each student of Trinity. As an institute, we endeavor to present an opportunity for all our students to present their skills at various academic activities (like international seminars & conferences, case studies, industrial inference & consultancy, and research clubs) and non-academic activities (like cultural programs and sporting events). Trinity fraternity wants to produce the technocrats who seamlessly merge into the industrial and corporate environment to face the challenges of the globalization with ease and comfort I would also like to create an environment in the institute that provides a stage for students to display their innovations and research. At last I will encourage interdisciplinary research that would support students in understanding the technological advancement and innovative approach, which would in turn boast their morale.