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Important Instruction Regarding Ragging

All the students of Trinity Institute of Technology and Research are hereby again informed that Ragging is a punishable crime under the act of UGC/AICTE, and the Institute has zero tolerance policy regarding ragging. Strict disciplinary actions would be initiated against any students found indulging in ragging, which may include filing of police case and rustication from the university/Institute. Submitting affidavit regarding ragging by parents and students is mandatory, the format of which is available below. Don’t hesitate in giving information about ragging. Your identity will be strictly kept confidential.

In case of any incidence/information of ragging contact
Name Designation Mobile No
Mr. Mahesh Vanjani Ragistrar 9630451185
Prof. Aditi Sharma HOD (Basic Science) 7694800132
Prof. Urmila Mahor HOD (Computer Science) 8839221738
Prof.Gurpreet Singh HOD (Electronics and Communications) 9630419783
Prof.Rakeshwari Agrawal HOD (Electrical and Electronics) 8878904090
Prof.Bharill HOD (Mechanical) 9926434292
Prof. Sourabh Jain HOD (Civil) 8109339330
Mr. Dikendra ME 8319772851
Mr.R.M. Vishwakarma ME 9589316698